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The Producer

Anselmo Mendes was born and raised in Monção. It was there that since he was a child he became familiar with the culture of the vineyard and the production of wine.

The Alvarinho grape variety and its wine, produced there immediately entered his life, in such a way that today Anselmo Mendes and Alvarinho are confused. He graduated in Agro-Industrial Engineering in 1987, from the Instituto Superior da Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, and a post-graduate degree in Oenology from the Catholic University six years later. It was with the Alvarinho variety in Monção and Melgaço, which Anselmo Mendes began to produce in 1998.

The winery, in the Vale do Minho area, is a space for experimentation and research, from where Anselmo Mendes' passion for wine and the region takes shape and taste. It is a place of reinvention, to make each wine an expression of the land elevated to its most sublime form, a cultural trait, a feature of character.

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