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We are aware of the importance of a reliable transportation service for the satisfaction of our customers. To provide you with information on how we ship our products and what procedures to follow in case of any issues, we have prepared the following information.

How much does the transportation service cost?

I live in the Pitcairn Islands. How can I place an order?

What is the delivery time for my order? Who handles the delivery?

The bottles are very delicate. How is the product delivered?

Open or damaged packaging?

What should I do if a bottle arrives broken?

What if I'm not at home to receive my order?

Can I receive the order at my workplace?

I received a product that doesn't match what I ordered?

My order hasn't arrived yet?


How much does the transportation service cost?

The transportation service is optimized for modular boxes of 3 bottles, usually associated with a discount for this quantity of the same product. However, we can ship as little as 1 bottle. The shipping cost will be automatically calculated during the checkout process and varies based on the delivery location and the weight of the merchandise. To obtain information about the cost to your destination, click here. For shipments of larger quantities, please request a quote by phone at +351 265721173 or by emailing us at


I live in the Pitcairn Islands. How can I place an order?

While we can deliver to many countries worldwide, unfortunately, we may not be able to reach all destinations. Please check here if your destination is included in our list of possibilities.


What is the delivery time for my order?

The delivery time for orders varies depending on the destination country, ranging from 1 to 7 business days. Typically, deliveries within Europe can take 48 to 72 hours, while deliveries to other countries may take 5 to 7 days. There may be exceptions beyond our control, such as natural disasters or other factors. The delivery time starts only after the payment for the purchase has been settled. To obtain information about the average delivery time for each destination, click here.

Who handles the delivery?

The orders will be delivered by specialized companies for this purpose.


The bottles are very delicate. How is the product delivered?

As a delicate product, has developed special reinforced cardboard packaging for bottle transportation, designed to effectively protect the contents. These packages consist of an inner box that creates an air cushion between the bottle and the outer cardboard box, minimizing the potential impacts during transit that could cause damage to the product. This packaging is environmentally friendly. In addition to being a packaging solution, it can also serve as a modular wine rack to create your own cellar!


Open or damaged packaging?

All orders leave our facilities with sealed and undamaged packaging. If you receive an open or damaged package, it is important to note these issues on the carrier's documents and notify us via email at, indicating the order number. If you prefer not to accept the delivery, also write down the reasons, and the carrier will return the package to the origin.


What should I do if a bottle arrives broken? has designed packaging to prevent such problems. The transport partners are also informed about the fragility of the products. However, unforeseen circumstances can still occur. All products received from purchases made at should be immediately inspected upon receipt. If you detect any moisture in the box, do not accept the order. If any imperfections or damage are found in the product, you should return it to the shipping company, noting these circumstances on the carrier's document and clearly justifying the reason for the return on the delivery note accompanying the product.


What if I'm not home to receive my order?

For deliveries in Portugal, there are two possibilities: through the network of over 350 Pick Me stores by Chronopost or deliveries until 6:00 PM through the Chronopost 18h service. If you are unsure of your availability during the regular delivery hours (until 6:00 PM), it is recommended to choose the option of picking up the package at the nearest Pick Me store (check here for the nearest Pick Me store). Many of these stores operate on weekends and have extended hours. If you choose the Chronopost 18h service and, after a delivery attempt, you are unable to receive the product within the established hours, you will be charged for a new transportation service. In international service, in the absence of authorized individuals to receive the goods, the transport company will make one more attempt. If the absence persists, will be informed and will contact the customer to schedule a new delivery. If the contact problem persists, will send an email to the customer to redirect the delivery. The aim of this process is to prevent the product from returning to, thus avoiding delays in delivery and unnecessary additional charges for freight. The customer will have a period of 48 hours to respond to the email with the correct address, and a new and final delivery attempt will be made. After this period, the merchandise will be returned to From that moment on, there will be a new charge for shipping if the customer wants to receive their order.


Can I receive the order at my workplace?

If you are never at home during compatible delivery hours with our partners' services, we recommend changing the delivery address to one that is more compatible with your availability. If your workplace is a suitable delivery location, we can deliver there, but please remember to provide your contact phone number. This is essential.


Ireceived a product that doesn't match what I ordered?

If we made a mistake in preparing your order, please contact us by sending an email to, indicating the issue that occurred. We will then get in touch with you to indicate the necessary procedures. Upon receiving the claimed material, we will perform a quality control check to verify the causes of the reported non-conformity. If the product was returned because it was defective or did not match the original order, we will proceed with an immediate replacement at no additional cost.


My order hasn't arrived yet. What should I do?

If you have not received your order after 5 days beyond the indicated average delivery time, please contact us at, providing the order number. We will promptly inform you of the status of your order.

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