Reduced price! Scala Coeli 2010 - Red Wine

Scala Coeli 2010 - Red Wine


Region: Alentejo

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Producer:Fundação Eugénio de Almeida
Oenologist:Pedro Baptista
Alcool Perc.:14%
Bottle Size:75CL - 25,4FL Oz

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    Tasting Notes Aromatic and fresh,

    Tasting Notes Aromatic and fresh, with citrus aromas very intense lime and lemon, aromas of white and exotic flowers, intense mineral note the schist stone. The mouth is very lively and long with sweet attack that gives volume but always compensated by the vibrant acidity, lemon, wet schist stone, fresh notes of tropical fruits contribute to the complexity. Wine with great potential for aging. The Producer The Douro, the oldest demarcated region in the world, reflects the culture and generations of people who for more than 2,000 years have shaped and cultivated the land to give life to a landscape and unique wines. And it was this desire to explore, experiment and create that in 2002 led us to the virgin and inhospitable territory of the Upper Douro to give life to the first wine of Muxagat.

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    Awards - Mundus Vini Spring Tasting

    Awards - Mundus Vini Spring Tasting 2017 - Silver Tasting Notes Citrus color, delicate floral aromas, with tropical notes and light vanilla. In the mouth it is buttery, with a refreshing acidity and a long finish. The Producer The Magnum Wines was born fed by a Ribeiro, Santo by the way, because it never would have dried or because the devotion thus credited it. Located in Oliveira do Conde, in the heart of the vineyard of Lusitânia, between the rivers Mondego and Dão, it is here that the most adventurous vineyards the country knows, and it was here that Carlos Rodrigues and Carlos Lucas began the extraordinary adventure of a life dedicated to the vineyards.

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    Tasting Notes Yellow and greenish

    Tasting Notes Yellow and greenish color. Palette of aromas where we can discover jasmine, lime, green apple and fresh herb. In the mouth it is refreshing and vibrant. Long and elegant finish. The Producer Inspired by the countryside and vineyards, these wines convey essentially this essence, that of their vineyards and their terroir ...! They are genuine wines of the land, produced with the grapes that have proven to adapt better to the climate and soil of the Homestead, and at the same time dare to innovate with less obvious grape varieties that enhance elegance and a differentiating savoir faire. At Herdade do Freixo, they seek a communion between the essence of the deep terroir of northeast Alentejo, with the most demanding international production processes, always focusing on concentration, longevity, freshness and finesse.

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    Awards - 16 points Revista de

    Awards - 16 points Revista de Vinhos. Tasting Notes It is a wine with an important aromatic component, where citrus fruits can be found and that makes this wine very pleasant and fresh for the summer. While tasting, iti is very elegant and fruity, with a fantastic balance and refreshing finish. The Producer Thomas Reynolds, a sailor and English merchant, arrived in Portugal in 1820, attracted by the wine business: it is in Porto that he established himself with his two sons, Thomas and Robert. For some time they supply, from there, their commercial warehouse in London with several Iberian products. In 1838, they entered the cork industry and set up a cork stopper factory in Alburquerque, Spain, where they lived for 11 years. The activity is profitable, expands and soon open new cork stopper factories in Portugal and Spain.

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    Tasting Notes color clear, open and

    Tasting Notes color clear, open and clear. Discreet in the nose with citrus notes, flintstone and wet stone. In the mouth the attack is also citric, but here the fruits of white pulp are added, pear and again stone wet, mineral and salty. Acidity very balanced, fresh, full, long and persistent. The Producer Herdade do Portocarro, by producer José Mota Capitão, is located between the districts of Setúbal and Évora, half-walled with Ribeira do Sado. It is a small producer who makes exciting wines, serious wines that respect nature and the place of birth and age nicely. Herdade do Portocarro is surrounded by the green of the rice paddies, with the vineyard embedded in a horizon difficult to forget and whose quality of harvests makes this farm, year after year, one of the most recognized in the region.

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    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

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    RED WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula

    RED WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula

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    Tasting Notes Citrus color. Ananas

    Tasting Notes Citrus color. Ananas and grapefruit notes. Minerality typical of the region. Light, alive and velvety palate. Long and persistent finish.

    5,75 €
    Item Code:WS01620 Availability: In stock
  • 11,38 € 11,38 €

    Tasting Notes Of clear and bright

    Tasting Notes Of clear and bright aspect, it presents / displays a beautiful energetic violet tonality extraordinarily penetrating and appealing. The nose offers a tasty combination of aromas of strawberry, cherry and a slight nuance of vanilla. On the palate the wine appears very soft and attractive, revealing red fruit aromas balanced with a refreshing and balanced acidity combined with an elegant sweetness. Aromatic finish long and persistent. The Producer Produced by a family business, where the appeal to create wealth for the next generation is natural, Brejinho wines are the result of great care placed in an activity where all the details are important.We look at the activity in a comprehensive and sustained way: in addition to excellent wines, the protection of the landscape and respect for the environment, are the key to a viticulture that is increasingly a tourist attraction and a cultural practice.

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    AwardsRobert Parker 92/100

    AwardsRobert Parker 92/100Tasting NotesWine with limpid aspect, deep violaceous color. Features a rich aroma of bergamot combined with violets. The taste is silky, broad, balanced, with a good acidity. The finish is persistent with round tannins.The ProducerCreated in 1718, the fifth, where this wine has been produced for more than one hundred and thirty years and whose vinification room in marble mills of the time continues to be active, was offered by D. João V, in the mid-eighteenth century, to a courtesan for those who were lost in love. It is this lady who gives the name to this rosé wine, fresh, fruity and at the same time greedy, persistent and balanced, produced mainly from the Aragonese and national touriga varieties.    

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    Awards- Sommelier Wine

    Awards- Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) - BRONZE Medal- International Wine Challenge - BRONZE Medal- Decanter World Wine Awards - BRONZE MedalTasting NotesAromas full of passion fruit and lemon. Very concentrated and aromatic. In the mouth is dry, salty is like a mirror nose: passion fruit and lemon. It is still very childish phase. which may have more acidity. It has a profile of the finest and delicate flowers. Light, but very sharp. Long and persistent ending.

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  • 13,90 € 13,90 €

    RED WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula

    RED WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula

    13,90 €
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    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

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  • 46,27 € 46,27 €

    Awards Robert Parker 90/100 Tasting

    Awards Robert Parker 90/100 Tasting Notes In the mouth reveals complexity, structure and a mineral character. With floral and toasty notes, combined with a citrus minerality, they form a vigorous and complex aroma. The persistent fruit, character and structure give it longevity.

    46,27 €
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  • 12,68 € 12,68 €

    Tasting Notes   Aromas alive, notes

    Tasting Notes   Aromas alive, notes of aromatic herbs where the teas, mints and thistles stand out. In the mouth has fruit like pear and apricot, complex. With a long and persistent ending. A wine challenging in every way. Amazing. The Producer Respect for the environment, the promotion of biodiversity and the practice of organic farming are the motto of our lives. We believe that this is our greatest legacy to be left to future generations, and that Nature, ever so generous, gives us back this care and dedication.This philosophy is practiced daily and is inherent in the working spirit of each member of our team. We are located near Estremoz, at the northern foothills of the Serra d'Ossa, where the natural and semi-wild landscape still exists. Surrounded by cork oaks, our native vineyards are organically grown.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    RED WINE Region: Beira Interior

    RED WINE Region: Beira Interior

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    Tasting Notes Clear, pink wine and

    Tasting Notes Clear, pink wine and aromas of cherry, raspberry and strawberry, wrapped infloral notes. Structured, fresh and elegant with persistent finish. The Producer We grew up in a family of producers, with a strong and heartfelt relationship with wine, land, countryside and rural property. From an early age we have observed their practices and listened with pride and attention to the lessons that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have given us. It was then that we learned the first teachings about production and realized that nothing is achieved in this area without work and sacrifice. We have been drinking the necessary inspiration in the family tradition but we have not stopped applying our own strategy when we conceived the Herdade das Servas Project, which was to be born in 1998.

    7,00 €
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  • 13,10 € 13,10 €

    Tasting Notes The aroma is

    Tasting Notes The aroma is complemented in the mouth by the tannins softened by the barrel and by the acidity that the fresh Atlantic breeze maintained. From its taste is the palate sensation filled with a round and elegant wine, and an admirable aromatic persistence. The Producer When, 30 years ago, Ole Martin Siem came to Portugal, his agricultural background given his academic and professional background, allowed him to recognize in this country the ideal soil and climate conditions for wine production.He was born in Norway but his work in fruit production and trade has led him to travel around the world a little.Of all the contexts and countries, it was in Portugal that he was fascinated by the Alentejo wines, and by the breathtaking landscapes of the Vincentian coast.It was here, where the sea and cliffs meet in a unique ecosystem, that chose to plant their vineyards and are the grapes that leave here, fruit of hours of work and dedication, that give rise to the Vicentino.

    13,10 €
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  • 4,05 € 4,05 €

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    4,05 €
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  • 5,10 € 5,10 €

    Tasting Notes Deep pink, almost

    Tasting Notes Deep pink, almost reddish, it has a delicate, shiny and translucent appearance. In the aroma it suggests fresh red fruit, strawberries and cherries in an acidic and exotic background. The mouth follows the suggestion of the nose, it is alive, and the sweetness and intensity of the fruit culminate in a long and vivid end. No doubt a summer rosé. The Producer Inaugurated on June 15, 2007, Adega Mayor is the fruit of a lasting passion of Rui Nabeiro. The love nourished by the land of Campo Maior is now returned in the form of wine, source of pleasure and a wine cellar created by the architect Siza Vieira, who now draws the landscape and destination of a legendary vineyard in the heart of the Alentejo.

    5,10 €
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  • 3,72 € 3,72 €

    VINHO VERDE Region: Vinhos Verdes

    VINHO VERDE Region: Vinhos Verdes

    3,72 €
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  • 19,76 € 19,76 €

    VINHO VERDE Region: Vinhos Verdes

    VINHO VERDE Region: Vinhos Verdes               

    19,76 €
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  • 7,30 € 7,30 €

    Awards - Decanter 91/100;- Concours

    Awards - Decanter 91/100;- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018: Silver;- Decanter World Wine Awards 2018: Silver- 16 points Great Wine Choices;- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2014 Gold Medal (2011);- Recommended Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 (2011); Tasting Notes Color red, with violet tones. Intense and lively aroma, dominated by red fruits. Fresh and elegant palate, it has a long and persistent finish. The Producer Located in the center of DOC Douro, it is characterized by the presence of 8 terroirs very marked by the mountains, by the different altitudes and solar expositions, by the schistous soils and by the characteristic climate of the Douro river valley. In the vineyards were planted dozens of autochthonous varieties, according to Biological Production and Integrated Production. Olive trees, orange groves, almond trees and Mediterranean forests help maintain the balance of the ecosystem.

    7,30 €
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  • 5,18 € 5,18 €

    Awards - 88pts - Wine Enthusiast

    Awards - 88pts - Wine Enthusiast (2018) Best Buy- Robert Parker 85pts- International Wine Challenge 2014 - Bronze- White Duorum Tones 2013 - Bronze- Decanter World Wine Awards 2014 - Bronze- White Duorum Tones 2013 - Bronze Tasting Notes Citrine yellow color. Intense and exuberant aroma, dominated by the citrus fruits, where there are also floral aromas. The acidity well present and involved in the volume of the wine, which together with the aromas retronasal, give it a fresh and persistent finish. The Producer Two winemakers who mark the history of wine in Portugal in the last decades, in two regions that the world recognizes as high quality and personality, the Douro Alentejo, find themselves in a project designed for the Douro, in the regions of Cima Corgo and DouroSuperior , two exceptional and protected terroirs. Thus Duorum is born, a project dreamed and realized in the vineyards millenarian of the Douro.

    5,18 €
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  • 229,90 € 229,90 €

    RED WINE Region: Douro  97 points

    RED WINE Region: Douro  97 points Wine Enthusiast (4th place TOP 100 World Wines) 94 points Wine Spectator 94 points Robert Parker                

    229,90 €
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    RED WINE     

    RED WINE     

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