New Quinta das Hidrângeas 2017 - White Wine

Quinta das Hidrângeas 2017 - White Wine



Region: Douro

11,25 €

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Producer:Ares do Douro
Oenologist:Sónia Martins
Alcool Perc.:12,5%
Bottle Size:75CL - 25,4FL Oz
Harmonizes with me:Fish
VarietyRabigato, Códega Larinho e Gouveio
Wine TipeWhite Wine

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    Awards - 16,5 points Magazine of

    Awards - 16,5 points Magazine of Wines. Tasting Notes In this white, the proximity to the sea is reflected in a more vegetal profile associated to the typical characteristics of the variety, presenting slight notes of tropical fruits balanced in the mouth by a fresh acidity. The Producer When, 30 years ago, Ole Martin Siem came to Portugal, his agricultural background given his academic and professional background, allowed him to recognize in this country the ideal soil and climate conditions for wine production.He was born in Norway but his work in fruit production and trade has led him to travel around the world a little.Of all the contexts and countries, it was in Portugal that he was fascinated by the Alentejo wines, and by the breathtaking landscapes of the Vincentian coast.

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    Tasting Notes Citrus color. Ananas and grapefruit notes. Minerality typical of the region. Light, alive and velvety palate. Long and persistent finish.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Beira Interior, Távora-Varosa e Lafões               

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    Tasting Notes Young and fresh, this wine reveals an elegant nose with notes of melon, citrus and a dash of asparagus. It has a definitive acidity in the mouth, and still an elegant and long finish. A wine is not easy to forget. The Producer THE Quinta de Bella combines unique natural conditions and a traditional sustainable viticulture to produce wines of Térroir with a unique character. Inserted in the historic Dão Region, in the village of Prime, Parish of Fragosela, near the city of Viseu, is an extensive property of approximately 70 hectares that develops from the bank of the river Dão. The vineyard, which has been partially re-expanded and enlarged through new plantations, currently occupies an area of 25 hectares dedicated to the Touriga Nacional and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties, and an additional 8 hectares of vineyards are planned.

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    Awards - 17 points Revista de Vinhos;- 17 points Great Wine Choices;- Mundus Vini 2017 Gold Medal (2015);- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Gold Medal 2015 (2013);- Mundus Vini Gold Medal 2015 (2013);- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Gold Medal 2013 (2011);- Bronze Medal International Wine Challenge 2013 (2011);- Recommended International Wine Challenge 2012 (2011). Tasting Notes Gold color. Aroma of fruit that suggests peach and lime well integrated with notes of vanilla from the wood where it fermented.Taste rich in fruit, fine, mineral and with good volume of mouth.

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    Awards - 86 points Robert Parker;-

    Awards - 86 points Robert Parker;- 17 points Revista de Vinhos;- 17 points Great Wine Choices. Tasting Notes Citric color. Fruity aroma with notes of dried fruits The complex and fruity taste and its good acidity and freshness guarantee an elegant and full flavor. The Producer Created in 1981, Herdade dos Coelheiros is a family business that over the years has been able to recognize the production of undisputed quality wines, both nationally and internationally. Our history of excellence began with the launch of the first wine labeled Tapada de Coelheiros in 1991. Herdade dos Coelheiros, located in the municipality of Arraiolos, known for its embroiderers that make one of the most beautiful handicrafts typical of Portugal, the famous Carpets of Arraiolos , decided to honor the cultural identity of this land in the labels of its wines.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    Tasting Notes Color: Golden citrus.

    Tasting Notes Color: Golden citrus. Aroma: Mineral notes of fresh fruit. Mouth: Very soft texture and freshness in the mouth. End of race: Long and elegant. The producer The first known historical references about Quinta da Pellada appear around 1570. The Dão Demarcated Region was established in 1908, framed by three mountain massifs - Buçaco, Caramulo and Serra da Estrela - that preserve it from the Atlantic winds and They offer very special weather conditions and Álvaro Castro is one of the best Portuguese producers and undisputed leader in his Dão region.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    Tasting Notes   Crystalline yellow

    Tasting Notes   Crystalline yellow with gold lace Nose: Complex and elegant aroma with notes of well-integrated white fruit pulp with toasted aromas from the barrel fermentation. Mouth: Taste rich in fruit with good volume and excellent acidity. The Producer Luis Duarte Vinhos is a family business run by winemaker Luis Duarte and his wife Dora Simões. The company was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in Alentejo, Reguengos de Monsaraz, where the vineyards are also located. The company produces and exports wines from Alentejo, but also from Douro and Vinho Verde through two partnerships with two local farms, in which it is responsible for oenology management.

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  • 11,84 € 11,84 €

    WHITE WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula

    WHITE WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula

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    WHIE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHIE WINE Region: Alentejo

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    Awards- Wine Review

    Awards- Wine Review 17/20;- Decanter 90/100;- Decanter World Wine Awards 2018 - Silver- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018 - Silver;- Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2017 - Gold;- 90 points Robert ParkerTasting NotesCrystalline appearance, straw color with greenish reflections. Notes of yellow fruit, grapefruit and lemon, with notes of spices, light toast and some mineral that accent the aromatic freshness. In the mouth it is creamy, with structure and volume. It is balanced and filled by the fruit, with a long and elegant finish.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Tejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Tejo

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    Awards - Robert Parker 91/100

    Awards - Robert Parker 91/100 Tasting Notes Crystalline appearance, straw color. Aroma: Complex and balanced. Grapefruit notes that blend with the fresh apricot compote, and discreet notes of the well integrated barrel toast resembling toasted almond with notes of white pepper. Palate: Unctuous, rich and elegant. Press the toast of the wood that complements the structure. The ending is broad, deep, and persistent. The Producer Herdade do Esporão is home to a unique terroir that is the result of an alliance of a very particular climate, regulated and softened by the great central lake, with different types of soil, exhibitions and the vast wine heritage of native castes, castes from other wine regions and castes. The typically Mediterranean landscape is composed of smooth undulating plains that occupy a little more than 1,800 hectares of total area, 450 hectares of which are occupied with vines and about 80 hectares occupied with olive groves.

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    Awards - 18.5 points Wine Great

    Awards - 18.5 points Wine Great Choices;- 17 points Revista de Vinhos. Tasting Notes The Redoma Reserva White 2017 shows a light citrus and crystalline color. The fresh and mineral profile reveals the fantastic terroir, where the vines are planted. It is complex in aroma, with the barrel toasted in tune with a floral and delicate character very present. It presents notes of spices, white flowers, some tropical fruits, all in a very complex and seductive set. Tense and vibrant in the mouth, slightly unctuous, with a very present acidity, it expresses a lot of elegance and complexity. Very long finish, with slightly smoky and almost salty notes. It is a white that will benefit a lot in the basement, as has been customary in previous editions. Perfect in "Burgundy" type cups

    31,80 €
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    The producer Situated in the center

    The producer Situated in the center of the demarcated Bairrada region, with 18 hectares of vineyards, Casa de Saima is linked to the production of quality wine. The vineyards of Casa de Saima are spread over small plots of land, situated in the best "terroir" of the region, brightening the landscape with its characteristic feature. Here, the old, irregularly planted vines coexist with the most modern vines of orderly measure.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Trás-os-Montes

    WHITE WINE Region: Trás-os-Montes               

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    Tasting Notes Citrus wines. Aroma of

    Tasting Notes Citrus wines. Aroma of orange flower, passion fruit and pineapple. It is soft, with a well balanced freshness through the volume of the mouth and a very persistent finish.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro               

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    Tasting Notes Color greenish, clear

    Tasting Notes Color greenish, clear and shiny. Very clean, exotic and intense nose showing all the expressiveness of the breed. Notes of tropical fruit, sliced turf, asparagus, lime and some candied fruit. In the proof it has vibrant and vigorous freshness, balanced by the volume of the fruit. The Producer Connected for several generations to the José de Mello family, Monte da Ravasqueira is located in the municipality of Arraiolos, an hour away from Lisbon, occupying a vast area of typical Alentejo landscape whose management and operation is assured by the D. Diniz Agricultural Society , SA. Equipped with excellent geological and climatic conditions for the production of the best wine that the Alentejo can offer, Monte da Ravasqueira has been the object of a strong investment in the vineyard plantation, as well as oenological equipment and meteorological and phytosanitary facilities.

    8,50 €
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  • 8,20 € 8,20 €

    Tasting Notes Color: citrine; Aroma:

    Tasting Notes Color: citrine; Aroma: Exuberant and elegant, with white, tropical and mineral fruits, well married with vanilla nuances; Flavors: Good volume in the mouth, full of good flavors and sharp acidity; Very long and delicate finish. The producer It is located in Penajoia, in Quinta de Estremadouro. It is a simple and functional winery with three working levels: reception, fermentation and barrel aging. Available for visits by appointment. The manual harvest of white grapes is made by grape varieties of boxes of 15kg. They are chosen in screening mat. They are pressed and fermented in stainless steel and temperature controlled oak barrels.The manual harvest of red grapes is planned by separate grape varieties and is harvested at their ideal maturation point for 20kg boxes.

    8,20 €
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  • 17,00 € 17,00 €

    Awards- Sommelier Wine

    Awards- Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) - BRONZE Medal- International Wine Challenge - BRONZE Medal- Decanter World Wine Awards - BRONZE MedalTasting NotesAromas full of passion fruit and lemon. Very concentrated and aromatic. In the mouth is dry, salty is like a mirror nose: passion fruit and lemon. It is still very childish phase. which may have more acidity. It has a profile of the finest and delicate flowers. Light, but very sharp. Long and persistent ending.

    17,00 €
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  • 7,70 € 7,70 €

    Tasting Notes This edition Exuberant

    Tasting Notes This edition Exuberant presents a yellow cincini color, with greens greenish with an intense and balanced aroma of tropical fruits, with slight vegetable notes. In the mouth it reveals very fresh with good volume of mouth and a long and persistent finish. The Producer Quinta da Calçada is located in the historic center of the city of Amarante, 40 minutes from Porto. It is inserted in the sub-region of Amarante, in the Vinhos Verdes region, about 10 minutes from the entrance to the Douro region. This subregion is characterized by granite soils, with some shale mixtures, and Atlantic influence, producing markedly mineral wines of high freshness and great gastronomic aptitude.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro               

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    WHITE WINE Region: Dão

    WHITE WINE Region: Dão

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    WHIE WINE Region: Douro

    WHIE WINE Region: Douro

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    13,15 €
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