New Sale! Quinta de Cidrô Chardonnay Reserva 2017 - White Wine

Quinta de Cidrô Chardonnay Reserva 2017 - White Wine


Tasting Notes

A clean and bright wine with an attractive pale yellow color. A large Chardonnay that impresses with its concentration and intensity displaying a complexity of tropical aromas such as pineapple, peach and pear harmoniously integrated with slight wood nuances and buttery notes.

The producer

Real Companhia Velha is the oldest and most emblematic wine company in Portugal, with more than 258 years of existence and interrupted activity serving Port Wine. Behind is the record of a fabulous history and glorious past. For the future, there remains the desire to maintain a high quality standard of its wines and the confidence in a Company where the rigor and the vision to make even more history is a constant concern.

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Producer:Real Companhia Velha
Alcool Perc.:14%
Bottle Size:75CL - 25,4FL Oz
Wine TipeWhite Wine
Serving at7º - 14ºC

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    Tasting Notes Clear and clear color, with a very discreet initial aroma of pineapple, turning to fruits of white flesh, apple and pear. In the mouth a tremendous and refreshing acidity not aggressive, before full of elegance where again appear the apple and pear with a very mineral and persistent finish, full of class. The producer Herdade do Portocarro is part of the demarcated region of the Setúbal Peninsula. It consists of a rice paddy, next to Sado, where it produces its own-branded rice - Loverice - and a hillside area, where are the 18 hectares of vineyards. The name of the estate is firstly inspired by the existence of a high point, formerly called “car”, located at the highest site in the region. Secondly, by the small pier that has marked the landscape for many centuries, since the days when transport was mostly by water.

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    Tasting Notes Aroma elegant, full of mineral notes, with notes of ripe fruit and light toasted notes. Very good mouth structure, offset by excellent lemonade acidity and a very long finish. The Producer The Magnum Wines was born fed by a Ribeiro, Santo by the way, because it never would have dried or because the devotion thus credited it. Located in Oliveira do Conde, in the heart of the vineyard of Lusitânia, between the rivers Mondego and Dão, it is here that the most adventurous vineyards the country knows, and it was here that Carlos Rodrigues and Carlos Lucas began the extraordinary adventure of a life dedicated to the vineyards.

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    The producer The Cartuxa brand is one of the main assets of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation and the current umbrella brand of Adega Cartuxa, Lagar Cartuxa, Wine Tourism Cartuxa and Enoteca Cartuxa. The insignia reflects the identity of Vinea Cartuxa, EA, Foral de Évora, Cartuxa, Scala Coeli and the mythical Pêra-Manca wines, as well as EA and Cartuxa olive oils.Excellence, quality and individuality - in a very unique style that makes the difference and defines an Alentejo classic - these are the values recognized by the public for the Cartuxa brand. The strength of the name, and the positive association with it, makes the experimenter automatically become a loyal consumer. Wine, olive oil and the Cartuxa and Enoteca Cartuxa wine tourism projects also reflect these same values.

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    Tasting Notes Color bright yellow

    Tasting Notes Color bright yellow straw. Exuberant nose, spice notes, "pain grillé" with some citrus. In the mouth it is full bodied, with present texture, rich, with much persistence and freshness. The Producer The Herdade do Arrepiado Velho was thus acquired 9 years ago by the Antunes Family, who, from the outset, began an ambitious project: to make the Old Windfall a surplus value and a benchmark of Alentejo excellence. The Herdade has gained shape, invested in quality, and the wines that are born there do not go unnoticed - beautiful image, and better organoleptic sensations.With a total area of around 100 hectares, the dam stands out among vineyards and olive trees, in a mixture of colors and tranquility, as only the Alentejo can offer. All these characteristics make the Herdade do Arrepiado Velho integrate the Alentejo Wine Route - São Mamede Route.

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    Tasting Notes It presents itself as a fresh, elegant and very aromatic wine. The producer Filipe Palhoça Vinhos is a family business dedicated for over 50 years to viticulture and wine production in the Setúbal Peninsula. Founded in 1950 by Filipe Jorge Palhoça, its roots go back to a small cellar belonging to his father, João Loureiro Palhoça. From an early age in love with viticulture, Filipe Palhoça managed with work and dedication to acquire new properties. For decades it has been oriented towards selling at the cellar door. Then the quality of the wines won the hearts of loyal customers, making him one of the most respected producers in the region. In 1984 he built the modern winery at Quinta da Invejosa, where in the mid-90s the family began bottling their own branded wine.

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    Awards- Wine Review 17/20;- Decanter 90/100;- Decanter World Wine Awards 2018 - Silver- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018 - Silver;- Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2017 - Gold;- 90 points Robert ParkerTasting NotesCrystalline appearance, straw color with greenish reflections. Notes of yellow fruit, grapefruit and lemon, with notes of spices, light toast and some mineral that accent the aromatic freshness. In the mouth it is creamy, with structure and volume. It is balanced and filled by the fruit, with a long and elegant finish.

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    Tasting Notes Citrus yellow with an

    Tasting Notes Citrus yellow with an intense floral aroma. Some notes of orange blossom and rose petals, with a fresh and well structured flavor. The Producer Founded in 1955 as the Cooperative Winery of the Setúbal Region of Moscatel, it started its activity in 1958.The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela is one of the main development centers of the municipality that is markedly agricultural and where the vine and wine have for historical reasons a very great weight. The Adega Cooperativa de Palmela started its activity with 50 members and with a production that did not exceed 1.5 million liters.  

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    The Producer Quinta da Calçada is

    The Producer Quinta da Calçada is located in the historic center of the city of Amarante, 40 minutes from Porto. It is inserted in the sub-region of Amarante, in the Vinhos Verdes region, about 10 minutes from the entrance to the Douro region. This subregion is characterized by granite soils, with some shale mixtures, and Atlantic influence, producing markedly mineral wines of high freshness and great gastronomic aptitude.

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    Tasting Notes Color: Citrus Yellow;

    Tasting Notes Color: Citrus Yellow; Aroma: Floral notes and ripe fruit, allied with tertiary vanilla and honey aromas. Mouth: Dry, creamy and voluminous, with pear, peach and honey notes. Long and persistent finish, with buttery and vanilla notes, conferred by fermentation and aging in French oak barrels. The producer Situated in Alenquer, in the heart of Lisbon's Wine Region, Quinta do Anjo stretches over 120 hectares, surrounding a 17th-century manor adjacent to a traditional moth cellar.More than half of the property already houses the two dozen grape varieties that form the basis of the house's business cards - the 'Vinhas do Lasso', 'Terras do Anjo', 'Quinta do Pinto' and 'Quinta do Pinto - Great Choice '. The remaining area will give priority to the planting of Portuguese grape varieties.

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    Tasting Notes Vivid color with

    Tasting Notes Vivid color with shades of citrus lemon. Exuberant nose, very fruity and fresh; the aromas are of the type pineapple, light apricot, some asparagus and nuances of tropical fruits. In the mouth the entrance is fresh, soft and very tasty. With a good acidity, it presents a fresh fruit of the type pineapple, apricot and passion fruit, very balanced and volumoso, has a pleasant and persistent finish. The Producer All the wines from Lavradores de Feitoria - from the great consumption to the great guard - are balanced, elegant and oriented to the good gastronomy, but always with a stamp of the character of the Douro. One should expect, and demand, the strong personality of each brand as an expression of terroir, concept, or even fantasy.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

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    Tasting Notes Bright in appearance

    Tasting Notes Bright in appearance and greenish citrus color of pale intensity. It is a wine that has an aroma of exotic profile, with notes of passion fruit and nuances of fresh cut grass. In the mouth it is slight, with mild mineral. Fresh at the end, making it quite pleasant. The producer Founded in 1926 by Messias Baptista, CAVES MESSIAS has been producing and marketing wines from the main demarcated regions: Bairrada-Beiras-Dão-Douro-Vinho Verde-Port. The company is also recognized for the high quality of its Natural Sparkling Wines and Brandy.

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    Tasting Notes Color: citrine; Aroma:

    Tasting Notes Color: citrine; Aroma: Exuberant and elegant, with white, tropical and mineral fruits, well married with vanilla nuances; Flavors: Good volume in the mouth, full of good flavors and sharp acidity; Very long and delicate finish. The producer It is located in Penajoia, in Quinta de Estremadouro. It is a simple and functional winery with three working levels: reception, fermentation and barrel aging. Available for visits by appointment. The manual harvest of white grapes is made by grape varieties of boxes of 15kg. They are chosen in screening mat. They are pressed and fermented in stainless steel and temperature controlled oak barrels.The manual harvest of red grapes is planned by separate grape varieties and is harvested at their ideal maturation point for 20kg boxes.

    8,20 €
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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    22,30 €
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