New Liberalitas 2015 - White Wine

Liberalitas 2015 - White Wine



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Bottle Size:75CL - 25,4FL Oz

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    Tasting Notes Of clear and bright

    Tasting Notes Of clear and bright aspect, it presents a citric yellow color with a beautiful greenish tonality. The nose offers a tasty combination of floral, citrus scents. On the palate the wine appears very soft and attractive, revealing fresh scents balanced with a refreshing and balanced acidity combined with an elegant sweetness sweet. Aromatic finish long and persistent. The Producer Produced by a family business, where the appeal to create wealth for the next generation is natural, Brejinho wines are the result of great care placed in an activity where all the details are important.We look at the activity in a comprehensive and sustained way: in addition to excellent wines, the protection of the landscape and respect for the environment, are the key to a viticulture that is increasingly a tourist attraction and a cultural practice.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro               

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    WHITE WINE Region: Beira Interior,

    WHITE WINE Region: Beira Interior, Távora-Varosa e Lafões               

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    The Producer In the middle of the

    The Producer In the middle of the century. XIX, Domingos Carvalho, by profession Farmer, readjust in the parish of S. Jorge de Sarilhos Grandes, District of Setúbal. There he lives with his wife, Gerturdes Gomes da Paula, who has the first son named José, Alda and João in 1860. The family lives in Monte Claro, a house that José ordered to be built on the estate after he shared with the brothers the goods inherited from his father.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Península de

    WHITE WINE Region: Península de Setúbal             

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    WHITE WINE Region: Setúbal

    WHITE WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula 

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    WHIE WINE Region: Peninsula de

    WHIE WINE Region: Peninsula de Setúbal        

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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo               

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    WHITE WINE Region: Dão

    WHITE WINE Region: Dão               

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    Tasting Notes Produced from the

    Tasting Notes Produced from the Cerceal, Malvasia Fina, Gouveio and Moscatel, the white Pacheca is a dry wine that presents floral aromas and a fruity and refreshing flavor. The Producer Quinta da Pacheca, one of the best known properties in the Douro, stands out because it was among the first to bottle wines with its own brand. It is in a document dated April 17, 1738 that for the first time reference is made to the Fifth called "da Pacheca" for being its owner D. Mariana Pacheco Pereira. But it was only in 1903 that D. José Freire de Serpa Pimentel decided to develop his growing interest in oenology, buying the property with the aim of devoting himself to wine production. Today, a century ago, the new generation of the Serpa Pimentel takes over the management of the Quinta: Maria, Catarina and José are the young faces of this firmly familiar family.

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    Awards- Sommelier Wine

    Awards- Sommelier Wine Awards (SWA) - BRONZE Medal- International Wine Challenge - BRONZE Medal- Decanter World Wine Awards - BRONZE MedalTasting NotesAromas full of passion fruit and lemon. Very concentrated and aromatic. In the mouth is dry, salty is like a mirror nose: passion fruit and lemon. It is still very childish phase. which may have more acidity. It has a profile of the finest and delicate flowers. Light, but very sharp. Long and persistent ending.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo               

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    Test results Very citric and mineral

    Test results Very citric and mineral aroma, grapefruit notes, discrete exotic fruits and flowers of the field complexed by a strong minerality of the soil exclusively granitic, with a very discreet smoked. Very persistent and fresh mouth with very lively citrus notes resulting in a very elegant set, with very fresh and persistent acidity.Fat and smoked fish, shellfish, exceptional with semi-cured sheep cheeses, great gastronomic aptitude in general. The Producer In one of the most remote areas of the Iberian peninsula, in the area between the Upper Douro and Beira Alta, it was in my family that my passion for the aromas and scents of this land that shaped our character was born.After having contacted many cultures of living and making wines, in various parts of the globe, I returned to the great Douro valley, convinced that we have the potential to make the best wines in the world.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    WHIE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHIE WINE Region: Alentejo

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    Tasting Notes Pale yellow, clean and

    Tasting Notes Pale yellow, clean and bright-looking. In the aroma is elegant and fine, suggests dry vegetable notes and white flowers based on discreet suggestions of exotic and mineral fruit. In the palate it maintains the delicacy, with lemonade sensations, slightly sweet and final fruit brightened by the excellent acidic freshness. Undoubtedly something original created in Alentejo. The Producer Inaugurated on June 15, 2007, Adega Mayor is the fruit of a lasting passion of Rui Nabeiro. The love nourished by the land of Campo Maior is now returned in the form of wine, source of pleasure and a wine cellar created by the architect Siza Vieira, who now draws the landscape and destination of a legendary vineyard in the heart of the Alentejo.

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    Tasting Notes This wine has a

    Tasting Notes This wine has a citrine color and a floral aroma with mineral touches, with harmony and balance of the mouth.and fresh and with excellent persistence at the end. The producer The history of 100HECTARES wines begins in the early 1970s, when the Brás e Cigarro family - who have a huge passion for the Douro region - make major investments in the purchase and renovation of properties in the Douro sub-region - Baixo Corgo. The family farms are the origin of their wines, and the production is made exclusively from grapes from their properties, which is at the heart of the family's production philosophy.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Bairrada

    WHITE WINE Region: Bairrada

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    Tasting Notes Light yellow color.

    Tasting Notes Light yellow color. Aroma of tropical fruits and lime. Soft, with good acidity on the palate. The Producer José Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history that, without ever resting on the glories gained, has been able to modernize. Managed by the 6th and 7th generation of the family, it has allied traditional wisdom from a precious heritage to the latest technology to meet the highest standards.

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    Tasting Notes Lemon yellow color

    Tasting Notes Lemon yellow color with greenish hints. Delicate aroma with notes of white flesh fruits and citrus peel. In the mouth it is creamy, with a beautiful acidity and a long mineral mineral. The producer Casa Americo was established by the hands of Americo Seabra, father, who had a dream of producing wine in the land where he was born, Vila Nova de Tazém. The project was followed up by the hands of their children who regained ownership of the 19th century XVIII and built a new cellar. Casa Americo today has 100ha of vineyards, the oldest being over 100 years old. Planted with the noble grape varieties of the Dão region, they are located in poor granite terrain and are located between 500 and 600m in altitude. The subregion where they are located, Serra da Estrela, is one of the most important terroirs in Dão, where noble wines are produced with a unique freshness and elegance.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

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    Tasting Notes Yellowish-green color.

    Tasting Notes Yellowish-green color. Great nobility and complexity in the aroma with notes of asparagus and lichens. In the mouth has minerality, citrus peel, with a vibrant acidity that make it soon and deep. The Producer The Quinta de Saes has very remote origins, the earliest references date from 1258. The presence of viticulture as an agricultural activity is also very old: records from 1527 attest that Saes paid the King each year a considerable sum of 80 kites of wine.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

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    Awards - 16 points Revista de

    Awards - 16 points Revista de Vinhos. Tasting Notes It is a wine with an important aromatic component, where citrus fruits can be found and that makes this wine very pleasant and fresh for the summer. While tasting, iti is very elegant and fruity, with a fantastic balance and refreshing finish. The Producer Thomas Reynolds, a sailor and English merchant, arrived in Portugal in 1820, attracted by the wine business: it is in Porto that he established himself with his two sons, Thomas and Robert. For some time they supply, from there, their commercial warehouse in London with several Iberian products. In 1838, they entered the cork industry and set up a cork stopper factory in Alburquerque, Spain, where they lived for 11 years. The activity is profitable, expands and soon open new cork stopper factories in Portugal and Spain.

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    Awards - 16,5 points in the Revista

    Awards - 16,5 points in the Revista Vinhos - Grandes Escolhas (Aug / 18)- 15,5 Points in the Revista de Vinhos (Aug / 18) Tasting Notes It is still relatively discreet aroma, still very young, with delicate citrus notes. Then there is a creamy and enveloping wine with attractive notes of green apple and lemon, fresh acidity to balance the full body. The Producer Quinta do Coladinho is a small wine farm on the council of Santa Comba Dão. Integrated in the Dão Demarcated Region, it presents some specific characteristics of the area, namely a higher concentration of relative humidity throughout the year. Due to the proximity to the Aguieira dam, the spring and summer mists are very evident, requiring a greater phytosanitary care.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Lisbon

    WHITE WINE Region: Lisbon                   

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    Tasting Notes Citrus yellow color,

    Tasting Notes Citrus yellow color, intense and persuasive aroma, structured but elegant, fresh and mineral with a vigorous and vibrant aftertaste. The producer Tiago Cabaço has obtained respect and attention from the sector, adding many national and international awards and distinctions. The family of wines, seductive and serious, modern in style and form but deeply Alentejo in character, is divided between the “.com” of energetic and youthful profile, the serious and powerful monovarietals, the “Old Vines” that combine the terroir excellence and the vineyards over 30 years old, the sparkling wine, thought for special moments, and the simultaneously vigorous, subtle and fresh blogs that claim to be the top of the range of Tiago Cabaço wines.

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    Tasting Notes Citrine color open. In

    Tasting Notes Citrine color open. In the aroma, citrus notes with slight mineral. Good structure with well marked and acidity. Quality fruit and long finish. The Producer Creating a wine is an art that in Portugal we have been perfecting for centuries, today reinforced by greater knowledge and better means. Rarely good wine is the result of chance. The experience gained over time by João Portugal Ramos, leads him to believe that a wine reflects the nature of the land that saw it born and is the expression of who produces it. Knowledge, experience and technology allow us to rigorously perfect the various factors that influence the personality of a wine. "Bringing all the natural potential of our country in this area, creating and reinventing each wine, is a passion for me."

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