Palato do Côa 2016 - White Wine


Tasting Notes

A fine, very mineral aroma, with notes of ripe citrus, quince, sour apple. It is a well structured white, fat, but with a lemon profile that gives it beautiful presence and freshness.

The Producer

5 Bagos was born in 2008 when winemaker Carlos Magalhães challenged his friends João Nuno Magalhães, Manuel Castro and Lemos, Albano Magalhães and Bernardp Lobo Xavier to acquire Quinta da Saudade (João Anacoreta Correia later joined the group). Quinta da Saudade is located in Mixagata, parish of the municipality of Vila Nova de Foz Côa.

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Producer:5 Bagos Sociedade Agrícola, Lda
Oenologist:Carlos Magalhães
Alcool Perc.:13,5%
Bottle Size:75CL - 25,4FL Oz
Harmonizes with me:Mariscos
VarietyRabigato, Viosinho
Wine TipeWhite Wine
Serving at10º - 12ºC

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    Awards - 16 points Revista de Vinhos. Tasting Notes It is a wine with an important aromatic component, where citrus fruits can be found and that makes this wine very pleasant and fresh for the summer. While tasting, iti is very elegant and fruity, with a fantastic balance and refreshing finish. The Producer Thomas Reynolds, a sailor and English merchant, arrived in Portugal in 1820, attracted by the wine business: it is in Porto that he established himself with his two sons, Thomas and Robert. For some time they supply, from there, their commercial warehouse in London with several Iberian products. In 1838, they entered the cork industry and set up a cork stopper factory in Alburquerque, Spain, where they lived for 11 years. The activity is profitable, expands and soon open new cork stopper factories in Portugal and Spain.

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    The Producer In the middle of the

    The Producer In the middle of the century. XIX, Domingos Carvalho, by profession Farmer, readjust in the parish of S. Jorge de Sarilhos Grandes, District of Setúbal. There he lives with his wife, Gerturdes Gomes da Paula, who has the first son named José, Alda and João in 1860. The family lives in Monte Claro, a house that José ordered to be built on the estate after he shared with the brothers the goods inherited from his father.

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    The Producer CONCEPT WINES is a family business based in Cedovim, in Vila Nova de Foz Côa, an international project focused on the Douro Valley. The acquisition of 83 hectares of vineyards around the Vale do Teja began in the 1940s, but the first bottling occurred only with the 2005 harvest. The local climate is particularly cold, with elevated elevations ranging from 450m to 600m, and has granite and schist soil. Winemaker RITA MARQUES, with a background in the Douro and Bordeaux and professional experience in the Douro, California, Bordeaux, New Zealand and South Africa, produces wines from all wines. The range of wines CONCEPT includes the brands CONCEIT White, Red, Bastard, Porto Tawny 10 Years and Vintage Port, as well as White and Red Contrast. CONCEITO has launched a Vinho Verde Alvarinho, a Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand and a Syrah from South Africa.

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    Tasting Notes Color: Citrus yellow.

    Tasting Notes Color: Citrus yellow. Aroma: Floral, pink, orange blossom, ripe apricot. Palate: Fresh mouth elegant and soft. The Producer José Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history that, without ever resting on the glories gained, has been able to modernize. Managed by the 6th and 7th generation of the family, it has allied traditional wisdom from a precious heritage to the latest technology to meet the highest standards.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo

    WHITE WINE Region: Alentejo             

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  • 12,60 € 12,60 €

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro               

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    Tasting Notes Citrus color. Ananas

    Tasting Notes Citrus color. Ananas and grapefruit notes. Minerality typical of the region. Light, alive and velvety palate. Long and persistent finish.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro               

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    Tasting Notes Clear appearance, well

    Tasting Notes Clear appearance, well defined citrus color. Good aromatic intensity combining tropical fruits and citrus fruits. Flavor soft, fresh with predominance of the lime flavor, with persistent end to citrus fruits. The Producer Founded in 1955, Adega de Borba was the first in a series of wineries set up in the Alentejo, with the encouragement of the then National Wine Board, at a time when the sector did not have the leading role it currently has in the regional economy. Today, Adega de Borba brings together 300 winegrowers who cultivate about 2,000 hectares of vineyards, distributing 70% of red varieties and 30% of white varieties.

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    Tasting Notes Aroma elegant, full of

    Tasting Notes Aroma elegant, full of mineral notes, with notes of ripe fruit and light toasted notes. Very good mouth structure, offset by excellent lemonade acidity and a very long finish. The Producer The Magnum Wines was born fed by a Ribeiro, Santo by the way, because it never would have dried or because the devotion thus credited it. Located in Oliveira do Conde, in the heart of the vineyard of Lusitânia, between the rivers Mondego and Dão, it is here that the most adventurous vineyards the country knows, and it was here that Carlos Rodrigues and Carlos Lucas began the extraordinary adventure of a life dedicated to the vineyards.

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    Awards - 15,5 points Wine Magazine.

    Awards - 15,5 points Wine Magazine. Tasting Notes This white wine presents a remarkable freshness that comes from the living acidity that this duality offers. To this it unites its slightly vegetal character that results from a mixture of original varieties, revealing an extremely pleasant and refreshing wine. The Producer When, 30 years ago, Ole Martin Siem came to Portugal, his agricultural background given his academic and professional background, allowed him to recognize in this country the ideal soil and climate conditions for wine production.He was born in Norway but his work in fruit production and trade has led him to travel around the world a little.Of all the contexts and countries, it was in Portugal that he was fascinated by the Alentejo wines, and by the breathtaking landscapes of the Vincentian coast.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Dão

    WHITE WINE Region: Dão                

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    The producer Situated in the center

    The producer Situated in the center of the demarcated Bairrada region, with 18 hectares of vineyards, Casa de Saima is linked to the production of quality wine. The vineyards of Casa de Saima are spread over small plots of land, situated in the best "terroir" of the region, brightening the landscape with its characteristic feature. Here, the old, irregularly planted vines coexist with the most modern vines of orderly measure.

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    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

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    Tasting Notes Straw yellow in color,

    Tasting Notes Straw yellow in color, it presents great aromatic complexity, rich notes of grapefruit, stone fruits, kerosene and biscuit, involved in great minerality. The proof confirms the rich and concentrated nose, always on a creased mineral mantle. The producer Quinta do Cardo belongs to the Beira Interior region, Castelo Rodrigo subregion and is located near this town. The vineyards, cultivated at an average altitude of 750 meters, are protected by the Marofa and Castelo Rodrigo mountains and surrounded by the Douro, Coa and Águeda rivers. With 180 hectares, of which 69 are vineyards, all certified in organic production, the remaining host an extensive reserve of cork oaks and spontaneous forest. The first vineyards were planted in 1932 and recognition of the quality of wines has been a constant over the years.

    19,95 €
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  • 8,60 € 8,60 €

    WHITE WINE Region: Vinho Verde

    WHITE WINE Region: Vinho Verde           

    8,60 €
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  • 14,89 € 14,89 €

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    14,89 €
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  • 4,50 € 4,50 €

    Awards - 15,5 points Revista de

    Awards - 15,5 points Revista de Vinhos;- 15 points Wine Great Choices Tasting Notes Lemon yellow color. Aroma of apricot, peach, melon, lemon Palate very fruity, balanced and good fruit / acidity. The Producer José Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history that, without ever resting on the glories gained, has been able to modernize. Managed by the 6th and 7th generation of the family, it has allied traditional wisdom from a precious heritage to the latest technology to meet the highest standards.

    4,50 €
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  • 10,85 € 10,85 €

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    WHITE WINE Region: Douro

    10,85 €
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  • 10,90 € 10,90 €

    WHITE WINE Region: Algarve

    WHITE WINE Region: Algarve               

    10,90 €
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    Tasting Notes Clear wine; citrus

    Tasting Notes Clear wine; citrus color; aromas of peach, lemon and mango, with mineral notes. On the set is a mineral white and elegant, with persistent finish. The Producer We grew up in a family of producers, with a strong and heartfelt relationship with wine, land, countryside and rural property. From an early age we have observed their practices and listened with pride and attention to the lessons that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have given us. It was then that we learned the first teachings about production and realized that nothing is achieved in this area without work and sacrifice. We have been drinking the necessary inspiration in the family tradition but we have not stopped applying our own strategy when we conceived the Herdade das Servas Project, which was to be born in 1998.

    17,60 €
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  • 10,86 € 10,86 €



    10,86 €
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  • 3,99 € 3,99 €

    WHITE WINE Region:Península de

    WHITE WINE Region:Península de Setúbal

    3,99 €
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  • 10,05 € 10,05 €

    WHITE WINE Region: Bairrada

    WHITE WINE Region: Bairrada               

    10,05 €
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  • 17,75 € 17,75 €

    Tasting Notes Young and fresh, this

    Tasting Notes Young and fresh, this wine reveals an elegant nose with notes of melon, citrus and a dash of asparagus. It has a definitive acidity in the mouth, and still an elegant and long finish. A wine is not easy to forget. The Producer THE Quinta de Bella combines unique natural conditions and a traditional sustainable viticulture to produce wines of Térroir with a unique character. Inserted in the historic Dão Region, in the village of Prime, Parish of Fragosela, near the city of Viseu, is an extensive property of approximately 70 hectares that develops from the bank of the river Dão. The vineyard, which has been partially re-expanded and enlarged through new plantations, currently occupies an area of 25 hectares dedicated to the Touriga Nacional and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties, and an additional 8 hectares of vineyards are planned.

    17,75 €
    Item Code:WS00840 Availability: In stock
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