Herdade das Servas Vinhas Velhas 2014 - Red Wine


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Clear wine, cherry red deep, aromas of plum, fig, dark chocolate and spices, with floral notes. Complex, structured and bulky, with oak barrel toast and persistent finish, revealing the full potential of

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We grew up in a family of producers, with a strong and heartfelt relationship with wine, land, countryside and rural property. From an early age we have observed their practices and listened with pride and attention to the lessons that our parents, grandparents and great grandparents have given us. It was then that we learned the first teachings about production and realized that nothing is achieved in this area without work and sacrifice. We have been drinking the necessary inspiration in the family tradition but we have not stopped applying our own strategy when we conceived the Herdade das Servas Project, which was to be born in 1998.

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Producer:Herdade das Servas
Oenologist:Luís Mira | Ricardo Constantino
Alcool Perc.:15,5%
Bottle Size:75CL - 25,4FL Oz
Harmonizes with me:Red Meat
VarietyAlicante Bouschet,Trincadeira, Touriga Nacional,Petit Verdot
Wine TipeRed Wine

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    Tasting Notes Wine of deep red

    Tasting Notes Wine of deep red color. On the nose, something warm, with notes of ripe fruit. In the mouth, the fruit confirms the soft tannins joining, medium and final body somewhat short and simple. The Producer In a sector occupied by players rooted hundreds of years ago, Churchill's, with only 36 years of existence, was affirmed and distinguished by the exclusive production of wines of premium categories, with a very own identity. It was this identity, an individual and unique style, that John Graham wanted to bring to the world of Port Wine when he founded the company in 1981. The purchase of Quinta da Gricha in 1999 drove Churchill's in the production of Douro wine, claiming a case of special success. For 35 years, in a sector made up of centenarian companies, "gives us the right" to face this business with some irreverence and bolder bets. In wines, more elegance and less sweetness are the style of the house.

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    Tasting Notes Color: Ruby. Aroma: Violet notes very typical of the variety combined with some menthol and black plum. Mouth: Very good texture, some cocoa and notes of violet and black plum. Well marked acidity and present but round tannins. Long, fresh and elegant finishes. The producer Situated in Alenquer, in the heart of Lisbon's Wine Region, Quinta do Anjo stretches over 120 hectares, surrounding a 17th-century manor adjacent to a traditional moth cellar. More than half of the property already houses the two dozen grape varieties that form the basis of the house's business cards - the 'Vinhas do Lasso', 'Terras do Anjo', 'Quinta do Pinto' and 'Quinta do Pinto - Great Choice '. The remaining area will give priority to the planting of Portuguese grape varieties.

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    Tasting Notes Dark ruby color. Aroma

    Tasting Notes Dark ruby color. Aroma of dates, stems, green tobacco leaf, spices (clay amphorae). Palate very fruity, with soft tannins. The Producer José Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history that, without ever resting on the glories gained, has been able to modernize. Managed by the 6th and 7th generation of the family, it has allied traditional wisdom from a precious heritage to the latest technology to meet the highest standards.

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    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

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    Tasting Notes The violet tones

    Tasting Notes The violet tones awaken the senses for the aromas of excellence typical of the Touriga Nacional variety in Dão. In the mouth it is full bodied and fresh, revealing a delicate elegance that leads to a long finish. Outstanding guarding ability. Excellent to accompany game dishes. The Producer The "QUINTA DE BELLA" combines unique natural conditions and a traditional sustainable viticulture to produce wines of Térroir with a unique character. Inserted in the historic Dão Region, in the village of Prime, Parish of Fragosela, near the city of Viseu, is an extensive property of approximately 70 hectares that develops from the bank of the river Dão. The vineyard, which has been partially re-expanded and enlarged through new plantations, currently occupies an area of 25 hectares dedicated to the Touriga Nacional and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties, and an additional 8 hectares of vineyards are planned.  

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    Awards - Concours Mondial de

    Awards - Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018: Silver.- 15 points Great Wine Choices;- Recommended International Wine Challenge 2014 (2012);- Bronze International Wine Challenge 2013 (2011);- Recommended Decanter World Wine Awards 2012 (2011). Tasting Notes Clear deep ruby ​​color. Wild fruit aromas with some complex toasted subtle notes. Elegant palate with good fruit depth and a fine tannic structure The Producer Herdade do Esporão is home to a unique terroir that is the result of an alliance of a very particular climate, regulated and softened by the great central lake, with different types of soil, exhibitions and the vast wine heritage of native castes, castes from other wine regions and castes. The typically Mediterranean landscape is composed of smooth undulating plains that occupy a little more than 1,800 hectares of total area, 450 hectares of which are occupied with vines and about 80 hectares occupied with olive groves.

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    Tasting Notes Intense ruby color.

    Tasting Notes Intense ruby color. Harmonious aroma with notes of berries and spices. In the mouth it is intense and muscular and has a spicy long finish. The producer Casa Americo was established by the hands of Americo Seabra, father, who had a dream of producing wine in the land where he was born, Vila Nova de Tazém. The project was followed up by the hands of their children who regained ownership of the 19th century XVIII and built a new cellar.Casa Americo today has 100ha of vineyards, the oldest being over 100 years old. Planted with the noble grape varieties of the Dão region, they are located in poor granite terrain and are located between 500 and 600m in altitude. The subregion where they are located, Serra da Estrela, is one of the most important terroirs in Dão, where noble wines are produced with a unique freshness and elegance.

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    RED WINE Region: Tejo

    RED WINE Region: Tejo

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    The producer SPLIT was born from the

    The producer SPLIT was born from the conviviality of three friends and wine lovers, who often felt like being able to drink a glass of wine but could not because the logistic of consumption was not adequate, because they had different tastes and simply because it was not available.Thus, they looked for solutions that fit a more modern lifestyle and that allowed a personalized consumption.They found the perfect solution: a ready-to-drink glass of wine.

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    Tasting Notes Intense ruby red color

    Tasting Notes Intense ruby red color with notes of black fruit and violets in a harmonious combination with nuances of dried caruma, cardamom,pink pepper. In the mouth it is intense with well marked tannins inequilibrium with the acidity that demonstrates well its potential toaging. The Producer The Magnum Wines was born fed by a Ribeiro, Santo by the way, because it never would have dried or because the devotion thus credited it. Located in Oliveira do Conde, in the heart of the vineyard of Lusitânia, between the rivers Mondego and Dão, it is here that the most adventurous vineyards the country knows, and it was here that Carlos Rodrigues and Carlos Lucas began the extraordinary adventure of a life dedicated to the vineyards.

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    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

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    Awards - SILVER MEDAL Sakura

    Awards - SILVER MEDAL Sakura International Festival Tasting Notes Intense ruby color. Aroma of vanilla, coffee, chocolate, cassis, violets. Palate very soft tannins, integrated with good acidity. The Producer José Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history that, without ever resting on the glories gained, has been able to modernize. Managed by the 6th and 7th generation of the family, it has allied traditional wisdom from a precious heritage to the latest technology to meet the highest standards.

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    Tasting Notes Color: Ruby Red.

    Tasting Notes Color: Ruby Red. Aroma: Shows a fresh and seductive nose, with delicate notes of blueberry, plum and wild fruits, accompanied by very subtle floral notes. Mouth: Very elegant on the palate. It features polished tannins that support a structure and body combined with excellent natural acidity, making it sweet and seductive.Color: Ruby red. Aroma: Deep and broad fresh ripe fruit and light smoky and toasty notes, very well integrated, giving a remarkable complexity. Palate: In the mouth it is long, full and alive, showing a very elegant structure, with present but soft tannins, accompanied by a concentration of black fruits very well supported by minerality, giving it a texture that impresses throughout the race.

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  • 25,21 € 25,21 €
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    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    25,21 €
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  • 525,00 € 525,00 €

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    525,00 €
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    Tasting Notes Color: deep red;

    Tasting Notes Color: deep red; Aroma: Lush and very elegant, with black fruits, cocoa and mineral, well married with the vanilla of barrels; Flavors: Good volume in the mouth, full of good flavors and pleasant freshness; with fine tannins, long and complex finish The producer It is located in Penajoia, in Quinta de Estremadouro. It is a simple and functional winery with three working levels: reception, fermentation and barrel aging. Available for visits by appointment. The manual harvest of white grapes is made by grape varieties of boxes of 15kg. They are chosen in screening mat. They are pressed and fermented in stainless steel and temperature controlled oak barrels.The manual harvest of red grapes is planned by separate grape varieties and is harvested at their ideal maturation point for 20kg boxes.

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    Awards - 16 Points Wine Great

    Awards - 16 Points Wine Great Choices and Best Buy Wine Enthusiast Tasting Notes Color - Deep Red; Nose - orange blossom, black fruit, chocolate and coffee; Mouth - Black fruit and spices. Balanced structure and a persistent ending. The Producer Casca Wines is a project of winemakers and wine specialists who, without vineyard or wine cellar, decided to create a brand of Portuguese wines of great quality. A project that only uses the best grapes of each region and that seeks to revive the unique traditions of Portugal. The Monte Cascas brand reflects the character of its winemakers: passionate, dedicated, unique! In this Douro Tinto Harvest is presented a blend of Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca and Tinta Roriz, aged for 9 months in used French Carvalho barrels, in which notes of orange blossom, black fruit, chocolate and coffee in the nose stand out; black fruit and spices on the palate.

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  • 97,00 € 97,00 €

    97,00 €
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    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

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    The producer At the head of a group

    The producer At the head of a group that became, after 50 years, the leader of children's fashion, Roger Zannier is now also present in several wine regions of the world, such as the Douro region (Portugal) and Provence (France).In his frequent visits to Portugal as part of his textile activities, Roger Zannier discovers Quinta do Pessegueiro, being literally seduced by the property and Douro region. In 1991, it acquired the land, starting immediately to plant vineyards. Thus was born his first and one of his most important investments in the wine sector.The property has expanded over the years and is currently made up of three plots, all located in the Douro region.

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  • 57,29 € 57,29 €

    RED WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula

    RED WINE Region: Setúbal Peninsula               

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  • 82,50 € 82,50 €
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    RED WINE     

    RED WINE     

    82,50 €
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  • 24,81 € 24,81 €

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo               

    24,81 €
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  • 5,65 € 5,65 €

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    5,65 €
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  • 36,90 € 36,90 €

    Tasting Notes Dark ruby color. Scent

    Tasting Notes Dark ruby color. Scent of notes great Elegant evident fruity, spices (cinnamon and clove) and balsamic notes. In the mouth it is concentrated and complex, with firm tannins and velvety. Very powerful, ending with great persistence. The Producer: The Cartuxa brand is one of the main assets of the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation and the current "umbrela" brand of the Cartuxa Winery. The insignia translates the identity of wines Vinea, EA, Foral de Évora, Cartuxa, Scala Coeli and the mythical Pêra-Manca. Excellence, quality and individuality, in a very own style that marks the difference and defines a classic of the Alentejo. The Eugénio de Almeida Foundation's commitment to the creation of excellence products has been recognized over the last years with several awards.

    36,90 €
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  • 9,00 € 9,00 €

    Tasting Notes The aroma is

    Tasting Notes The aroma is complemented in the mouth by the tannins softened by the barrel and by the acidity that the fresh Atlantic breeze maintained. From its taste is the palate sensation filled with a round and elegant wine, and an admirable aromatic persistence. The Producer When, 30 years ago, Ole Martin Siem came to Portugal, his agricultural background given his academic and professional background, allowed him to recognize in this country the ideal soil and climate conditions for wine production.He was born in Norway but his work in fruit production and trade has led him to travel around the world a little.Of all the contexts and countries, it was in Portugal that he was fascinated by the Alentejo wines, and by the breathtaking landscapes of the Vincentian coast.It was here, where the sea and cliffs meet in a unique ecosystem, that chose to plant their vineyards and are the grapes that leave here, fruit of hours of work and dedication, that give rise to the Vicentino.

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  • 10,20 € 10,20 €

    Tasting Notes Deep and intense

    Tasting Notes Deep and intense garnet color revealing the presence of Alicante Bouschet. Aromas of compote fruit, olive jelly, spice and toast make up a set. balanced and attractive. Very soft and velvety in the mouth showing solid and silky tannins. The Producer In the early nineteenth century, Thomas Reynolds migrated to the Alentejo region with the cork business in mind. Three generations later, his grandson John Reynolds acquired the Herdade do Mouchão for the production of wines. Several vines were planted, in 1901 a traditional wine cellar was built and in 1929, the distillery was installed, the same one still used today to produce the Mouchão brandy. Today the Herdade do Mouchão continues to be managed and worked by the descendants of the original family. The entire winemaking process remains practically untouchable, preserving the traditional vintage by hand and the fermentation of the grapes in stone wineries with foot steps.

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    Awards - 16,5 points Revista de

    Awards - 16,5 points Revista de Vinhos;- 16 points Great Wine Choices;- Recommended International Wine Challenge 2014 (2011);- Bronze Medal International Wine Challenge 2013 (2009). " Tasting Notes Bright red and very young. Fine and complex aroma, very fruity, the predominant character of ripe fruits such as black plum and cassis, very characteristic of this wine, with notes of vanilla from its aging in oak. Tasty, full bodied, complex characteristics of ripe fruit with soft and velvety tannins, backed by a good acidity, which gives a great balance and a fine and quite long finish. The Producer All the wines from Lavradores de Feitoria - from the great consumption to the great guard - are balanced, elegant and oriented to the good gastronomy, but always with a stamp of the character of the Douro. One should expect, and demand, the strong personality of each brand as an expression of terroir, concept, or even fantasy.

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  • 22,04 € 22,04 €

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

    22,04 €
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  • 14,10 € 14,10 €

    Awards - 17 Points in the Wines -

    Awards - 17 Points in the Wines - Great Choices Magazine (Aug / 18)- 16 Points in the Guide Wines of Portugal 2018 - João Paulo Martins Tasting Notes It evolved with nobility this classic cut red, usually put on the market after a long stage. Aromas of caruma, moss, spices, a light floral fragrant. Medium-bodied, with firm tannins, in a cheerful and very refreshing register, an old-fashioned "Dão", very tasty, lively, personalized. The Producer Quinta do Coladinho is a small wine farm on the council of Santa Comba Dão. Integrated in the Dão Demarcated Region, it presents some specific characteristics of the area, namely a higher concentration of relative humidity throughout the year. Due to the proximity to the Aguieira dam, the spring and summer mists are very evident, requiring a greater phytosanitary care.

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