Esporão Reguengos Reserva 1987 - Red Wine
Esporão Reguengos Reserva 1987 - Red Wine
Esporão Reguengos Reserva 1987 - Red Wine
Esporão Reguengos Reserva 1987 - Red Wine

Esporão Reguengos Reserva 1987 - Red Wine

Herdade do Esporão
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Herdade do Esporão, three kilometers from Reguengos de Monsaraz, is the largest and oldest “defence” in the region, and its boundaries, established on May 2, 1267, have remained intact for over 700 years. The settlement of Esporão dates back to the prehistoric times of the Magalitic and Bronze Age cultures, as can still be seen from the presence of numerous remains.

The first known owner of Esporão was the judge of the city of Évora, Soeiro Rodrigues. The estate then had several owners, until the moment it came to belong to Mem Rodrigues de Vasconcelos, master of Santiago, who was commander of the Ala dos Namorados in Aljubarrota and Alcaide-Mor de Monsaraz. A scene of struggle, intrigue and revenge in the medieval history of Alto Alentejo, Esporão, after also belonging to a branch of the Távoras, was also owned by the Counts of Alcáçovas.

In this Herdade, one of the oldest in Portugal, in the heart of the Alentejo, in an area where, it is curious to mention, wine was already exported to the Roman Empire, Esporão wine is produced, the fruit of traditional varieties attributed to it. an exquisite flavor and characteristics that make it unique among European wines.

In its lands of capricious geology, due to its diversity, there is one of the largest vineyards on the Iberian Peninsula - more than 350 hectares -, following research and experimentation methods. From its grapes, scented by the Alentejo sun, exceptional quality wines are obtained, produced in its own winery, equipped with the most refined technology of winemaking at controlled temperature.

The sophisticated technology of the Esporão winery allows to enhance the unmistakable aroma and flavor transmitted to its wines by the Esporão rocks. Each vintage gives rise to a very special wine, with specific aromas and flavors.

Aware of the cultural importance of the historical heritage of Esporão, as well as the high quality that distinguishes its wines, Finagra marks each of its vintages with the reproduction of an original work by a master of our contemporary painting, specially created and which it becomes part of its private Museum.

Well-known painter and awarded nationally and internationally, performing part of his work in Paris, Mestre Cargaleiro created some paintings after a long visit to the Herdade, interpreting, in his personal and immediately recognizable way, several facets of Esporão. In the picture we reproduced, the sophisticated wine cellar appears transfigured by its look.

In order for Esporão red wine to be fully appreciated, it should be kept at room temperature for two days and opened about an hour before being served. Details that contribute to the refinement of a moment that lasts.

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