New Quinta do Pinto Grande Escolha 2013 - Red Wine

Quinta do Pinto Grande Escolha 2013 - Red Wine


The producer

Situated in Alenquer, in the heart of Lisbon's Wine Region, Quinta do Anjo stretches over 120 hectares, surrounding a 17th-century manor adjacent to a traditional moth cellar.

More than half of the property already houses the two dozen grape varieties that form the basis of the house's business cards - the 'Vinhas do Lasso', 'Terras do Anjo', 'Quinta do Pinto' and 'Quinta do Pinto - Great Choice '. The remaining area will give priority to the planting of Portuguese grape varieties.

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Producer:Quinta do Pinto
Alcool Perc.:14%
Bottle Size:75CL - 25,4FL Oz
VarietyTouriga Nacional, Syrah
Wine TipeRed Wine

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    Awards - Bronze Medal International

    Awards - Bronze Medal International Wine & Spirit Competition 2015 (2014);- Bronze Medal International Wine Challenge 2015 (2014);- Concours Mondial de Bruxelles Silver Medal 2015 (2013);- Bronze Medal Decanter World Wine Awards 2015 (2013);- Recommended International Wine Challenge 2014 (2012);- Bronze Medal International Wine Challenge 2013 (2011);- Silver Medal Sélections Mondiales des Vins Canada 2012 (2011);- Gold Medal Brussels World Contest 2012 (2011). Tasting Notes Excellent aromatic concentration. Intense fruit, aromas of blackberries, cassis and jam. Soft tannins. Good balance between fruit, acidity and tannins.      

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    Awards - Wine Magazine 18/20- Robert Parker 93/100 Tasting Notes Light red color with aromas of cherries and raspberries and a rustic character in the background. In the mouth, the purity of the fruit is the dominant note, accompanied by a great structure, freshness and balance. At this stage, fresh fruit is dominant but is supported by a firm structure, suggesting that it will age well into the bottle.

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    Tasting Notes Color closed dark, opaque and dense. Nose with exuberant aromatic freshness. Seriously with notes of black fruits, giesta, black olive and mineral. In the test all the aromatic descriptions are felt, with attack and long volume, spicy and increasing tannins. It opens and reveals itself over time in the glass, increasing in intensity in the test. The Producer Connected for several generations to the José de Mello family, Monte da Ravasqueira is located in the municipality of Arraiolos, an hour away from Lisbon, occupying a vast area of ​​typical Alentejo landscape whose management and operation is assured by the D. Diniz Agricultural Society , SA. Equipped with excellent geological and climatic conditions for the production of the best wine that the Alentejo can offer, Monte da Ravasqueira has been the object of a strong investment in the vineyard plantation, as well as oenological equipment and meteorological and phytosanitary facilities.

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    Tasting Notes Open ruby color, nose with hints of alcoholic cherry, iodine and clove notes. In the mouth it is fresh, medium texture with a lot of salinity and fine tannins. It is a Volcanic Red. The producer The Azores archipelago, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, is made up of volcanic soils and has a deep maritime climate. Temperatures are mild throughout the year, despite the high level of precipitation and atmospheric humidity. Thus, vineyards must be planted in places where they are naturally sheltered or protected by human action. The corrals, are stone walls where the vineyards are planted that in this way are protected from the wind and the salty air of the sea.

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    Tasting Notes Much character and

    Tasting Notes Much character and strength in aroma, with affirmative negative fruits. A polished style wine with fine tannins and gifts. Great complexity in a remarkable red wine. The producer Quinta do Vale Dona Maria is a property situated by the mouth of the Rio Torto. Its history goes back to 1868 and was associated with names like the Symington, who used their grapes to integrate in the vintage Smith Woodhouse. When the Van Zeller family took it on Thursday, they found it almost completely abandoned, with about 10ha of old vines. The work of recovery would be arduous, but nothing that would take Cristiano van Zeller away from this arduous task, or not come from a superb "school" such as Quinta do Noval, of which he was president. Work was started on the recovery of the vineyard and the houses that were almost reduced to dust.

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    Tasting NotesRuby color and aromas

    Tasting NotesRuby color and aromas of red and black fruit, with slight notes of chocolate. Balanced wine with soft tannins and good freshness.The producerOn a sunny hillside of Serra d´Ossa, surrounded by the tranquil north Alentejo landscape, in the parish of Redondo, Herdade da Candeeira, with about 200 hectares, is composed of vineyards, olive groves and mounted. The proximity of Serra d'Ossa gives the region very important thermal amplitudes for the differentiation of the wines that are born here, due to its characteristic freshness.    

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    Tasting Notes Color: Intense ruby

    Tasting Notes Color: Intense ruby ​​color. Aroma: Aroma is spiced with candied fruit, notes of English cream and cinnamon. Palate: In the silky mouth, where mature fruits mixed with spices stand out. It is elegant and balanced, with tannins tamed by the French oak barrels where it staged for 12 months. The Producer Respect for the environment, the promotion of biodiversity and the practice of organic farming are the motto of our lives. We believe that this is our greatest legacy to be left to future generations, and that Nature, ever so generous, gives us back this care and dedication.This philosophy is practiced daily and is inherent in the working spirit of each member of our team. We are located near Estremoz, at the northern foothills of the Serra d'Ossa, where the natural and semi-wild landscape still exists. Surrounded by cork oaks, our native vineyards are organically grown.

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    Tasting Notes Color: Deep red with

    Tasting Notes Color: Deep red with purple highlights; Aroma: Very ripe red fruit, complex, with fine wood.integrated; Palate: Bulky, with good acidity, very elegant tannins; End of race: Complex and velvety. The producer “Regateiro”, a family name over 350 years old linked to the wines of the Bairrada Region, had in 1990 only one descendant fromcontinue the project, Casimiro Gomes. He specialized in Viticulture and Oenology in the eighties, built projectswines in partnership with other professionals in Dão, Bairrada, Douro, Alentejo and also in Brazil.Launched Family wines as the culmination of junctions of knowledge and experience.

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    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

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    Awards - 17 points Revista de

    Awards - 17 points Revista de Vinhos. Tasting Notes deep pomegranate color, features aromas of fresh plums, blackberries and a dash of green coffee beans. It has a soft, fresh and rounded structure in the mouth with a nice and persistent finish. The Producer Thomas Reynolds, a sailor and English merchant, arrived in Portugal in 1820, attracted by the wine business: it is in Porto that he established himself with his two sons, Thomas and Robert. For some time they supply, from there, their commercial warehouse in London with several Iberian products. In 1838, they entered the cork industry and set up a cork stopper factory in Alburquerque, Spain, where they lived for 11 years. The activity is profitable, expands and soon open new cork stopper factories in Portugal and Spain.

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    Tasting Notes Color: Deep red.

    Tasting Notes Color: Deep red. Aroma: Fruity, blueberry, violet, chocolate, spices, oak. Palate: Powerful, present and firm tannins, balanced with long end of trial. The Producer José Maria da Fonseca is a family business with almost two centuries of history that, without ever resting on the glories gained, has been able to modernize. Managed by the 6th and 7th generation of the family, it has allied traditional wisdom from a precious heritage to the latest technology to meet the highest standards.

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    Tasting NotesWine with limpid

    Tasting NotesWine with limpid appearance, color rubí retina. Intense aroma of flowers combined with wild berries. The taste is seductive, bulky and fresh with sweet and persistent tannins.The ProducerCreated in 1718, the fifth, where this wine has been produced for more than one hundred and thirty years and whose vinification room in marble mills of the time continues to be active, was offered by D. João V, in the mid-eighteenth century, to a courtesan for those who were lost in love. It is this lady who gives the name to this rosé wine, fresh, fruity and at the same time greedy, persistent and balanced, produced mainly from the Aragonese and national touriga varieties.    

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  • 21,00 € 21,00 €

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

    21,00 €
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  • 19,00 € 19,00 €

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

    RED WINE Region: Alentejo

    19,00 €
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  • 21,97 € 21,97 €

    Tasting Notes The violet tones

    Tasting Notes The violet tones awaken the senses for the aromas of excellence typical of the Touriga Nacional variety in Dão. In the mouth it is full bodied and fresh, revealing a delicate elegance that leads to a long finish. Outstanding guarding ability. Excellent to accompany game dishes. The Producer The "QUINTA DE BELLA" combines unique natural conditions and a traditional sustainable viticulture to produce wines of Térroir with a unique character. Inserted in the historic Dão Region, in the village of Prime, Parish of Fragosela, near the city of Viseu, is an extensive property of approximately 70 hectares that develops from the bank of the river Dão. The vineyard, which has been partially re-expanded and enlarged through new plantations, currently occupies an area of 25 hectares dedicated to the Touriga Nacional and Sauvignon Blanc grape varieties, and an additional 8 hectares of vineyards are planned.  

    21,97 €
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    RED WINE Region: Douro     

    RED WINE Region: Douro     

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    The producer Situated in the center

    The producer Situated in the center of the demarcated Bairrada region, with 18 hectares of vineyards, Casa de Saima is linked to the production of quality wine. The vineyards of Casa de Saima are spread over small plots of land, situated in the best "terroir" of the region, brightening the landscape with its characteristic feature. Here, the old, irregularly planted vines coexist with the most modern vines of orderly measure.

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    RED WINE Region: Douro

    RED WINE Region: Douro

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    Tasting Notes The Morgadio Reserva

    Tasting Notes The Morgadio Reserva Tinto is elegant and balanced, with aromas of ripe fruit, notes of pepper and light smoked, which contributes elegantly to the complexity of the aroma. In the mouth it is concentrated but fresh, mineral and with great length of mouth. Good aging potential. Producer Nowhere else in the world could Morgadio da Calçada wines be born other than the greenish vineyard plateau that distinguishes Provesende from the wine-growing region of the Douro. The smell of grapes, grapevines dancing to the wind, the freshness of the Morgadio wine cellar that is the relief of the hot summer days ... the whole scene that surrounds the house founded in the 17th century helps to inspire port wines whose quality is worthy of the signature of Dirk van der Niepoort. From Nature we collect the best, for the best to keep in bottle.

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