Gin Friday - Portuguese Gin

Gin Friday - Portuguese Gin

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The softness of Friday is noticeable from the nose. The usual juniper patch is almost indelible and it is the sweetest yet difficult to identify notes that dominate the bouquet of aromas. Alcohol rank (40th alc. Vol.) Is also less offensive than in a regular Gin. The sensation of alcohol, even on the first breath, is perfectly behavioral, inviting you to inhale a little more aromas. And this is where we first come across the creased cardamom notes that alone justify Friday's slightly sweet bouquet. But there is more to this "candy" than simple cardamom. Fruit, ripe fruit, rich in fructose and elegant aroma, ... tropical fruit.
Botanists: Juniper, Orange Blossom, Cardamom, and Vine Leaf (Berry) Tropical Fruits (Infused Before In Neutral Alcohol) - Passion Fruit, Mango And Papaya After checking the botanicals that make up Friday, and going looking for you we can find the soft clues. of vine leaf.

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0,7L - 23,7FL Oz
Caves da Montanha
Alcool Perc.


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