PORTUGAL IN TUBE is a trademark related to Wine Spiritus. The trademark was developed to give the cosumer the opportunity to taste Portuguese traditional products in a portable an innovative way, leading into a unique concept: "Wine in Tube".

This new tasting concept, in an individual dose format, allows customers to know quality wines in an innovative format.

But it goes far beyond the Wine! The mission is to make known to the world what is best done in Portugal and aims to be a meeting point for wine lovers and gourmet selection products.

PORTUGAL IN TUBE produtcs have some unique characteristics, such as:

- The innovative format of the products consisting of glass tubes screen-printed and packaged with quality Portuguese products;

- The possibility of tasting products at a controlled cost;

- Exquisite offers that represent Portugal and its traditions;

- Experiments with thematic content, which combine Portuguese traditions with design;

- Any of the products has the great advantage of being transportable as hand luggage at airports, since it never exceeds the maximum permissible quantity of 100ml per content.

Come and see Portugal EM TUBO, come and enjoy PORTUGAL IN TUBE!