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"Our story began to be written in 1997 with the planting of the first vineyards at Herdade da Godinha and three years later at Herdade das Argamassas. In 2007 we opened the doors of Adega Mayor, an old dream of Rui Nabeiro, the fruit of his great passion for wine and its land, Campo Maior Inspired by the empire that he built with Delta in 1961, where he transported the relational essence of coffee magic to the business model, Rui Nabeiro dreamed and the work was born. Rita Nabeiro, materialized and surpassed her dream From the hand of the prestigious architect Siza Vieira, came the unmistakable trace of the first author's winery in Portugal, which draws in the landscape a worldwide architectural reference, which distinguishes and elevates the region's wine heritage. Campo Maior, once a land of wine, once again allows the roots of the vine to drink its essence and to reap the best fruits from it. proximity, excellence, creativity and commitment.

The Mayor Winery extends over 350 hectares of holly meadows, riverside galleries and agricultural fields. At the top of the panoramic terrace you can see, on the horizon, the vineyard, the olive grove of Herdade, Spain and the Serra de Portalegre. With a contemporary look, tradition is reinvented and wines are born where the Alentejo fits all. Open your senses to our wines, architecture, history, culture, contemporary life and the art of good living. "

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