Very Old Port 

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    The Producer A rare and exclusive

    The Producer A rare and exclusive wine – a blend of nectars that have rested in the cellars of the oldest Port Wine House for a nearly a hundred years. Very old tawnies from the 1920s and 1930s and the remarkable Colheita 1900 make up this Kopke CNK Very Old Tawny Port.Limited to 380 numbered bottles, Kopke CNK is an homage to the House’s founder, Cristiano Nicolau Kopke, symbolising endeavour, care, dedication, passion, foresight and expertise of the generations of people who have striven to preserve a living legacy, which we share with the world today. It also reminds us of the everyday duty we have to safeguard this legacy for future generations.Most of the wines that make up this blend have been maturing in casks of 650 litres. The only exception is the oldest – Colheita 1900 – which has aged in a large oak vat of 2500 litres. Kopke CNK Very Old Tawny Port has a mahogany colour streaked by greenish hues. 

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    PORT WINE Region: Douro "Simply

    PORT WINE Region: Douro "Simply Stunning" 100 Points            

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