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    WHITE WINE Region: Dão

    WHITE WINE Region: Dão

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    Awards - 100 Wine Spectator Points;-

    Awards - 100 Wine Spectator Points;- 97 Points Wine Enthusiast;The producer For over two centuries the name Dow's has been referred to as one of the finest Port wines. Throughout the twentieth and twenty-first century, the Symington generations have been working at Quinta do Bomfim and Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira creating, from these vineyards, superbly concentrated, intense and tannic wines when young, with aging appear elegance and perfume with violet and mint aromas. The drier finish is the distinctive brand image of the wines of this major Porto wine company. Dow's 2007 has a strongly concentrated and intense purple-blue color. Dow's spicy and dry flavor with pronounced notes of plum and cassis. The very ripe fruit gives the wine a pleasantly complex finish that combines liqueur flavors and thick tannins. This wine promises a superb aging.

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